Wednesday, 29 January 2014

10 Beauty Commandments

I vow to wear bold lipsticks on a more regular basis [Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in Rule Breaker]

If anyone knows me, they will know that I love writing lists. The 'notes' section on my iPhone currently has over 30 lists and I have a specific notepad dedicated to list-making.  In terms of beauty, I have set myself a few goals and targets for what I would like to achieve over the next year. 

1. ) First goal is to get into blogging, properly. I've had a few attempts before but for various reasons (my perfectionist tendencies) I've decided to abandon and start over, one last time. I am mainly writing this blog for myself, as writing and creating online content is always something I've had an interest in. This blog will essentially be a diary of my own personal interests. Without wanting to put a strict label on it, it will mainly cover lifestyle and beauty, but I'm looking forward to seeing how my interests develop and evolve.

2.) Achieve my ideal bronde hair. Over the last year and a bit, I've been gradually getting my dark brown hair to be a lighter mousey brown. It is almost at the colour I want it to be, but I still want to add a bit more blonde into the brown.

3.) Sort my eyebrows out. Saying this, since the disasters of my teens, my eyebrows have come a long way. They are relatively similar (like sisters not twins, right?) but still need some growing on the outer sides. I currently fill them in with  the No7 Matte Mocha eyeshaddow. It does the job, but my goal is to dabble with more eyebrow products and find something perfect. I would also really like to get HD Brows done professionally. 

4.) Be kind to my skin. I want to find a skincare routine that works for my dry skin and that I will actually stick to. As I've neglected it recently, my skin has taken it out on me and is shouting out for some TLC. This also includes eating healthier, drinking more water and getting a good nights sleep.  

5.) Lose NARS virginity. I've only ever heard good things about NARS products, but have never actually bought anything. I intend to make a conscious effort to save up and invest.

6.) Wear bolder lip colours. As much as I love the "your-lips-but-better' look, I do want to be more experimental with my lipstick choices this year. First aim, rocking that dark red lip colour for winter.

7.) Make time for pampering. Life gets stressful and it can be hard to find the time in the day to just r-e-l-a-x. Running a warm bath, having a face-mask and lighting a candle is something that I need to make time for a lot more often. Me-time is vital and its amazing how much pampering can uplift your state of mind. 

8.) Use up products before buying more. There's only so many body moisturisers one needs at one time. As nice as it is to have a choice sometimes, I must make a conscious effort to use up those products at the back of my drawers before quickly buying into the hype of a new product. 

9.) Get better at doing nails. Investing in a good top coat is essential for me, as my nails are prone to chipping. I have this awful habit where I pick at the nail vanish once its chipped which leaves them looking worse. I want to let my nails grow longer and stronger and be capable of wearing the same colour nail vanish for more than one day. 

10.) Try new things. As much as it is great to have those products to always go back to, how do you know what your missing if you haven't tried much else? I want to be more experimental with my make-up shopping this year and try new products and brands and hopefully discover some new favourites. 

What are your beauty goals?

Do you have any recommendations to share?


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